Lorenzo Parking Terms

  • Exterior view of Lorenzo Hotel in downtown Dallas, TX from the ground


The customer shall exercise due care and attention when using the parking area. This includes, but is not limited to, observing the parking area’s traffic rules and safety instructions, as well as surface conditions and other customers. The customer shall follow all instructions by the hotel’s staff pertaining to the hotel’s general safety and property rights. Vehicles may only be parked in clearly marked and designated parking spaces. By parking in the hotel’s lot, the customer agrees to pay for incurred parking charges during their entire stay at Lorenzo Hotel. The hotel lot allows for in and out privileges. Failure to pay may result in a fine added to your final hotel bill.


The hotel does expressly denies and disclaims any responsibility damage of any kind resulting from customer’s use of the hotel’s lot, unless such damage is proven to be caused by the hotel’s or its agents’ willful misconduct or gross negligence as those terms are defined under Texas law. The customer shall notify the hotel immediately of any damage to the vehicle. The hotel shall not be liable for any damage caused by the customer’s actions, other customers or third parties, including, without limitation, damage to, destruction or theft of the parked vehicle or movable/built-in property in the vehicle or items mounted to or on the vehicle.


The customer shall be liable for any damage to the hotel caused by the customer’s negligent or intentional behavior or the negligence of the customer’s agents, authorized representatives or other accompanying persons. The customer shall notify the hotel of any damage before leaving the parking area. The customer shall be liable for any cleaning costs caused by the customer’s littering or soiling of the parking area.

The hotel may take reasonable measures to move or have moved vehicles in violation of the hotel’s policies, with such towing being at the customer’s expense. The hotel may charge a flat fee for moving the vehicle. The hotel may also remove the customer’s vehicle from the parking area in case of imminent danger. Customers are asked to lock their vehicles and leave no valuables behind when parking vehicles in the hotel’s parking area.